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Alvin & The Chipmunks Coloring Page Ideas

1. Alvin Rocking Out

Alvin playing his guitar on stage with spotlights and an excited crowd in the background.

2. Simon the Scientist

Simon in a lab coat conducting a science experiment with beakers and test tubes.

3. Theodore's Baking Adventure

Theodore baking cookies in the kitchen with flour and cookie dough all around.

4. Chipmunks in the Park

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore playing in the park, with a playground and trees in the background.

5. Alvin's Skateboarding Tricks

Alvin performing cool skateboarding tricks at a skate park.

6. Chipmunks at the Beach

The chipmunks building a sandcastle and playing in the waves at the beach.

7. Chipmunks' Halloween

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore dressed in Halloween costumes, trick-or-treating in a spooky neighborhood.

8. Chipmunks' Christmas

The chipmunks decorating a Christmas tree and opening presents on Christmas morning.

9. Alvin's Birthday Party

Alvin celebrating his birthday with a big cake, balloons, and party hats.

10. Chipmunks in Space

The chipmunks dressed as astronauts, exploring a colorful alien planet with a rocket ship in the background.

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