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10 Halloween Crafts to Make with Candy Corn Coloring Pages

1. Candy Corn Garland

Color multiple candy corn pages, cut them out, and string them together to create a festive garland to hang around your home.

2. Halloween Cards

Use the colored candy corn pages to create Halloween greeting cards. Glue the colored pieces onto folded cardstock and write a spooky message inside.

3. Candy Corn Masks

Turn the candy corn coloring pages into masks. Color and cut out the candy corn shapes, attach them to sticks or elastic bands, and use them as fun Halloween masks.

4. Trick-or-Treat Bags

Decorate plain trick-or-treat bags with colored candy corn pages. Glue the pages onto the bags to give them a Halloween theme.

5. Halloween Window Clings

Turn the colored candy corn pages into window clings. Color the pages, laminate them, and stick them onto your windows for festive decorations.

6. Candy Corn Bookmarks

Create bookmarks by coloring and cutting out candy corn shapes. Laminate them for durability and use them to keep your place in your favorite Halloween stories.

7. Halloween Placemats

Make Halloween-themed placemats by coloring candy corn pages and laminating them. Use them during Halloween meals and parties.

8. Candy Corn Mobile

Create a mobile by coloring candy corn pages, cutting them out, and hanging them from a circular frame. Hang the mobile in a doorway or from the ceiling for a fun decoration.

9. Halloween Party Invitations

Use the colored candy corn pages to make unique Halloween party invitations. Glue the pages onto cardstock and write the party details inside.

10. Candy Corn Magnets

Make refrigerator magnets by coloring and cutting out candy corn shapes. Attach magnets to the back and use them to hold up notes and photos.

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