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10 Free Angry Birds Activities to Do with Coloring Pages

1. Classroom Art Project

Use Angry Birds coloring pages as part of a classroom art project. Children can color their pages and then work together to create a giant Angry Birds mural by combining their individual pages. This fosters teamwork and allows kids to see their work contribute to a larger creation.

2. Angry Birds Storytime

After coloring their Angry Birds pages, kids can create a story around their colored characters. They can then present their story to the class or group, enhancing their storytelling and presentation skills.

3. Coloring Page Puzzles

Turn colored Angry Birds pages into puzzles by cutting them into pieces and having kids reassemble them. This activity promotes problem-solving and fine motor skills.

4. Angry Birds Puppet Show

Kids can cut out their colored Angry Birds and attach them to sticks to create puppets. They can then put on a puppet show, acting out their favorite Angry Birds scenes.

5. Angry Birds Bingo

Create a bingo game using different Angry Birds characters and scenes from the coloring pages. Kids can color the bingo cards and play together.

6. DIY Angry Birds Board Game

Kids can design their own Angry Birds board game using the coloring pages. They can create game pieces, cards, and the board itself, promoting creativity and strategic thinking.

7. Angry Birds Origami

Use the colored pages to create simple origami figures of Angry Birds characters. This activity can be a fun way to introduce kids to the art of origami.

8. Angry Birds Scavenger Hunt

Hide colored Angry Birds pages around the house or classroom and create clues for kids to find them. This activity promotes problem-solving and teamwork.

9. Angry Birds Memory Game

Create a memory game using pairs of colored Angry Birds pages. Kids can color the pages, cut them into cards, and play the memory matching game.

10. Angry Birds Coloring Contest

Organize a coloring contest where kids can showcase their best Angry Birds coloring pages. Award small prizes for different categories such as most creative, most colorful, and best effort.

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