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10 Crafts to Do with Call of Duty Coloring Pages

1. Call of Duty Diorama

Create a 3D diorama using colored Call of Duty pages. Cut out the characters and scenes and arrange them in a shoebox to depict a battle scene.

2. Custom Book Covers

Use colored Call of Duty pages to make custom book covers. Wrap them around your school books or notebooks for a personalized, military-themed look.

3. Action Figure Backdrops

Create backdrops for your action figures. Color the pages and use them as backgrounds for your toy soldiers and other action figures.

4. Call of Duty Posters

Turn your coloring pages into posters. After coloring, laminate or frame the pages and hang them on your wall for some cool decor.

5. Personalized Greeting Cards

Make greeting cards using colored Call of Duty pages. Fold a piece of cardstock in half, glue the colored page to the front, and add a personal message inside.

6. Call of Duty Masks

Turn the characters into masks. Color the pages, cut out the faces, and attach a string or elastic band to wear them as masks.

7. Themed Party Decorations

Use the coloring pages as decorations for a Call of Duty-themed party. Hang them up as banners, use them as table settings, or create a photo booth backdrop.

8. Call of Duty Scrapbook

Incorporate colored pages into a scrapbook. Add photos, stickers, and other memorabilia to create a personalized Call of Duty-themed scrapbook.

9. Custom Coasters

Make custom coasters by gluing colored Call of Duty pages onto thick cardboard. Seal them with a clear adhesive to make them durable and water-resistant.

10. Themed Calendars

Create a Call of Duty calendar. Use a different colored page for each month, and add dates and events to create a personalized calendar for your room.

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