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10 Creative Uses for Taylor Swift Coloring Pages

1. Concert Scene Collage

Have kids color Taylor Swift pages and then create a concert scene collage. They can cut out their colored Taylor Swift images and glue them onto a large poster board, adding details like a stage, audience, and musical instruments.

2. Lyric Art

Encourage kids to color Taylor Swift pages and then write their favorite lyrics around the edges. This combines their love of art with their favorite songs, creating a personalized piece of lyric art.

3. Fashion Show

Use Taylor Swift coloring pages to inspire a fashion show. After coloring the pages, kids can design their own outfits inspired by Taylor's iconic looks and then hold a mini fashion show, showcasing their designs.

4. Music Video Storyboard

Kids can color different Taylor Swift scenes and then arrange them into a storyboard for a music video. This activity encourages storytelling and helps kids think creatively about visual sequences.

5. Greeting Cards

Transform colored Taylor Swift pages into unique greeting cards. Kids can fold the pages into cards, add a personal message, and give them to friends and family for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

6. Album Cover Art

Have kids design their own Taylor Swift album covers using the coloring pages. They can color the pages and then add titles, song lists, and other details to make a complete album cover design.

7. Scrapbook

Include Taylor Swift coloring pages in a scrapbook project. Kids can color the pages and then add them to a scrapbook along with concert tickets, photos, and other memorabilia to create a themed scrapbook.

8. Storytime Coloring

Combine storytime with coloring. Read a biography or fun facts about Taylor Swift while kids color the pages. This educational activity helps kids learn more about their favorite artist while engaging in a creative activity.

9. Wall Art Gallery

Create a wall art gallery by framing and hanging the colored Taylor Swift pages. This gives kids a sense of accomplishment and a way to display their artwork in a prominent place at home.

10. Concert Tickets

Kids can design their own Taylor Swift concert tickets using colored pages. They can cut out sections of their artwork to create personalized tickets, complete with details like the concert date, time, and venue.

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